What’s happening to the Bees?

Recently CBS News on their broadcast 60 Minutes made an article about a new and extremely important subject; The Vanishing of the Bees (Colony Collapse Jeopardizing Beekeepers). You may think well what’s that got to do with me? (besides I hate bees…) Well, I could infuse you with a heavy dose of sarcasm but I guess I’ll stick to the facts. Around one third of all the food we consume daily is in fact thanks to the bees. They pollinate millions of crops from nuts to blueberries. The basic problem we are having (and this includes many other places like Puerto Rico and Europe) is that the bees are gone! No they haven’t met their creator they just vanished. Many theories are being thrown out there from pesticides (made from nicotine) to viruses and even the changing of the magnetic poles (they usually switch polarization every couple thousand years). Even “bee stress” has been thrown to the pot.

I won’t post the article here you can go to the CBS site and read it and even if you don’t read it please watch the video (see below), this is not just about higher honey prices its about everything else and their repercussion.

Also a special by PBS – “Silence of the Bees” :


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