Use your Bookmarks ANYWHERE!

Have you ever forgotten a website you knew that explained how to properly cut your nails? Well if you are this awkward and picky you know you won’t find many of those websites again (unless by accident). Ok, now you are in let’s say “Japan” and the computer from the hotel you are using does have Firefox but nobody in Japan cares for nails. What do you do now?

Well the old fashioned solution is to always carry or always email yourself the bookmarks.html file that you export everyday. The new way is to use FoxMarks this extension enables you to sync your bookmarks anywhere you are. You just create an account and password and that is it. You can log on from another computer log in and voila’ your bookmarks are there. I can’t stress enough how useful and powerful this is for people that do research on the go or people who need to access their work related bookmarks from home.

If you think this is awesome (like me) do a little research how hot to also backup and synchronize your profile, settings and even your extensions for firefox in this same way. And if you do not feel confortable uploading your bookmarks to someone’s server you could even use your own ftp server to do this. This is definitely a must have for almost everybody. Have fun

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