For the people who say “Ahh launchy is just a cheap copy of Quicksilver in MAC’s”. You are absolutely RIGHT! It is a quick fix for those used to that usefulness and quick access of quicksilver the only difference is that it is for Windows. If you own a MAC you know what this does and how essential it is. For those who don’t go to the site ( download it and give a try if you like you can even set up your own scripts and programs for it (the Runny plugin is a godsend), also this makes searching even easier.

For example let’s say you wanna search in Google, you can open Launchy (ALT+SPACE) and use the Runny plugin, now add a command:

name: Google
Usage: Google|abe diaz com (where | means TAB)

It will launch your browser and search on google with what ever parameters you put. Have fun if you want examples of some scripts and techniques email me.

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