New Year… New Beginning

No resolutions just hope… That is what i have for this new year. I hope that this will be a year of changes and growth (both professionally and personally). There will be many trials and tribulations but at the end of the shift the boat will keep on floating and with a new direction.

This isn’t just for me i wish everybody could feel the warmth this new year gives me. I want for everybody better lives and less suffering; just drop everything and start walking. Grab your love ones with you and (as Johny Walker said: “Keep Walking” don’t look back.

I know that 52 weeks from today we will all be in a better place and with a confidence in ourselves that nothing will  stop us in the future years. This may be a year of silence and deep observation. We are going to have to look inside ourselves ans realize what we are made of. Some may not like what they see, as self analysis if absolute and true. So if you find you are a worst person than you thought or if you feel like there is something holding you from being you don’t be sad be happy you know this now and not years later alone in a dark room. Others may find they are truly the honest and great persons they are, but then why do horrible things happen to you? No one can tell you an absolute truth but you must know that this is not meant to break but to heal.

Well no more… I sincerely hope for the best (and fear for the worst) for all of us. It doesn’t matter if you know me or don’t just know that this year is a new beginning for all of us… (“Stop procrastinating with your life”)

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