Twitter, iPhones, iPods and everything mobile.

I have to admit that i have moved myself from a blogging world to one in Twitter. I post in both English and Spanish and I have incredibly met a ton of friends that have become a part of my life (thanks to Tweet-ups). Therefore I thought that a little talk about moving blogs and content to these mobile platforms is crucial. From installing WPtouch in wordpress to make the site less loaded for mobile browsers to including tweetbacks and ways of spreading your readers comments to other sites.

Also as designers there has to be a stop to using heavy content on sites, Flash is ok in certain places but a whole site made on flash is sort of unproductive. Do you really want to cut all those users without flash from your site, besides with the many beautiful things that you can do with CSS why bother?

That is just a quick thought of mine… I’ll try not to fade away with all my work.

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