Blogging from the other side… (The Last Post By Derek Miller)

I have been meaning to write this down but as always the muse has escaped my thoughts these past few days. I was inspired a while ago by a writer called Derek K. Miller; like a viral cat video his last tweet and his famous “last post” caught my eye. After reading them and googling the heck out of him and his story I asked myself if I would do such a thing when I died and the answer (which wouldn’t surprise those who know me) would be Absolutely YES!

Now the question would be… what would I write about. I believe my family and loved ones would take a huge chunk of space but I also would love to recall if possible anyone who ever touched my life in any way, from childhood to adulthood and so on. Now imagine if every person in the world had that same chance; to have the the knowledge that their time was near and being able to send a message from the other side. What would some of the ones that we lost too son would have said.

I think Derek as many other had done in the past made clear that death is not the end that we can keep tweeting and blogging from the other side. I think we should all start the habit of scheduling tweets and posts and along the way compose a journal of the whom and how that changed our lives. You might not be surprised by the message your grandmother or wife would leave you but wouldn’t it be nice if we could all tell that person who gave you a ride or shared a cab with you on a rainy day in a distant location of how that moment made you feel. I do think it would make some of our digital noise more pleasant. Now go and read his story and start writing yours.

One thought on “Blogging from the other side… (The Last Post By Derek Miller)

  1. Diane says:

    I love this…I need to do this!

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