A Year of #Travel Visualized

This is the only reason I link my TripIt account to all my travel reservations. The ability to go back and use that data in any way, shape or form I want is very freeing. I remembered last year seeing this visualization and decided to spend a full year logging all flights and hotels inside of TripIt. This is the outcome of that journey:

2013's Travel Summary

2013’s Travel Summary

I wish it was in miles but this is all I got for now. As you can see I got that that SEA-ATL flight down to a science.

Distance flown by air segment

Distance flown by air segment

If it wasn’t for this chart I would have forgotten I stepped in Denver and Dallas this year too.

Number of air segments by airport

Number of air segments by airport

I think you can easily tell which frequent flyer program i like the most 🙂 I wish I would have made it to Platinum at Delta but I guess it wasn’t meant to be this year. I do have to give props to the people manning the social accounts for @delta and @DeltaAssist they have responded to my tweets very quickly and helped me book alternate flights when needed.

Airlines I travelled on

Airlines I travelled on

Well that’s it for now, see you all Up in the Air next year 😉

PS: Build your very own chart like this thanks to @gem_ray at cem.re/tripit

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