A night at #StartupGrind with John Cook (Co-Founder of Geekwire)

via Instagram http://bit.ly/1n0eBEg
Last Wednesday I had the chance to participate in #StartupGrind Seattle. We had the pleasure to have John Cook that night, for those who know, John is the Co-Founder of GeekWire the very famous Seattle tech news hub.
I gotta say John was very funny and insightful. Some items stuck with me like these:
  • Always be open to personal feedback. Especially the hard ones.
  • “If you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong” – self -explanatory no?
  • Don’t surprise people – when breaking  big news or internal company conflicts, always give the chance to talk or give a heads up to whoever will get impacted.
  • As with life (e.g. marriage), find partners/founders that complement you; ones with skills you don’t possess.
  • Learn how to fight (again, just like in marriage). Understand that even when things blow up, you will have to come down and do it quickly.
  • Collect a good set of mentors, including parents and colleagues in different industries.
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