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My Woot Off Bag of Crap IFTTT Recipe Keeps Trending Up!

Get an Alert when Woot publishes a Bag of Crap

Get an Alert when Woot publishes a Bag of Crap

I recently wrote an article for the AT&T Developer Program that included a way to get SMS alerts using the AT&T API and the Woot Sale RSS. Using this as inspiration I created an IFTTT Recipe to do the same and share with the world. To my surprise it gained popularity and made it to the trending recipes. Try it out and share it if you can also 😉

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A Lap Around VS2013 ALM by Anthony Borton

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Today I had the chance to meet @AnthonyBorton at the .Net Developers Association. He shared some of the cool features from VS2013 and TFS Online (or maybe i should call it “Visual Studio Online”?). I enjoyed some of the new linking inside Team Rooms and quick charting features. I hope people don’t over do it with the charts though 🙂 I do see a winner with some of the new Load Performance features powered by Azure.

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This little script lets your iOS users know your site can be added as an app

If you have navigated to some sites on your iPhone or iPad recently, you may have noticed the “Add to Home Screen” balloon. This lets users add the current mobile friendly website installed as a web app on their iOS Screens.

Add To Home Screen Floating Ballon

Add To Home Screen Floating Balloon

I thought this could be a useful addition to a responsive site I’m working on so I searched how to get this working. To my surprise and delight I ran into Matteo Spinelli’s website. He’s published a nifty little script and some CSS to quickly add this to your web apps.

The full article can be found here. I haven’t had issues with it on iPhones although on iPads it looks a little rough around the edges. I still recommend you give it a try, I promise it will be time well spent :-).

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How to fix your 3.0 Bootswatch theme for MVC’s Bootstrap 2.3 Responsive templates on Visual Studio 2013

If you are like me, you already downloaded Visual Studio 2013 and probably migrated some solutions to the latest MVC version. It  comes with some great responsive design features out of the box starting with the stock template. On the other end, if are using Bootswatch themes you will see that the latest 3.0 Bootswatch themes for Bootstrap break the responsive design. The top navigation reverts to the small screen size and the Hero-Unit also looks funky. Well don’t despair, thanks to Ghislain Proulx and his article, I was able to update my 2.3 references to 3.0, switch my Hero-Unit for a Jumbotron among  other CSS fixes.

Nuget Packages:

Update-Package Bootstrap
Update-Package jQuery.Validation
Install-Package Respond
Install-Package html5shiv

Update your BundleConfig files, grab your Bootswatch theme, and replace your “~/Content/bootstrap-theme.css” file and voila’.

If you need inspiration try the Amelia theme it is my favorite:

Amelia Bootswatch Theme

Amelia Bootswatch Theme

Any additional CSS edits will be application specific; for example, I had to change hero-unit for jumbotron and my spans for col-md-4.

Hope this helps 🙂

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This is one way to never miss a sale – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

In the spirit of the holidays, and the shopping opportunities that go along with it; we have a nifty way to never miss an online sale. How about a little shopping helper that texts you when the article you have been looking for goes on sale? This should help you accumulate some brownie points with your wife at least. Using our SMS API and Topshelf we’ll build a little service to help you hunt those deals.

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An IDE for every color of the rainbow – AT&T DEVELOPER PROGRAM BLOGS

4015304179_bfebe9e5ed_zYou can certainly gain “street cred” by building your latest app in emacs or vim but many will argue that’s just crazy talk given today’s offerings. An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) can help you save time and increase your productivity but how do you pick one? Here are some of the options available for developers in all corners of the trade.

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Handling Increasing Demands – AT&T DEVELOPER PROGRAM BLOGS

It’s funny how a hundred years ago preparing dinner took hours and nowadays 60 second microwaveable meals feel like an eternity. As our attention span gets smaller and our need for information grows voraciously, we see more “real-time” and scalable frameworks show up in the web sphere. What are these frameworks and why should you care?

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Counting Steps Towards Better Apps – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

With the introduction of the latest hardware and software, we are seeing more health and fitness technologies making it to our phones. There are many possibilities and integration opportunities for developers who want to expand their current portfolio of apps. Let’s look at some of the shifts in these trends and how we got here.

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#ATTHACK at Seattle

#atthack AT&T Wearables Hackathon

AT&T Wearables Hackathon

Today was a day full of lilypads, arduinos, mbeds and a whole bunch of other embedded and wearables devices at AT&T’s Wearables Hackathon. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s presentations. If you want to see the action as it happens, follow the hashtag #atthack and the Facebook group also.

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Where will you host your next HTML5 app? – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

One more reason to move to a client-side stack. I personally like AWS S3 but there are some cool options available too.

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