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The New Era of… SpyRuses

Yes I’m officially calling them Spyuses. Its a mix between spyware and viruses, so it’s a spyrus. They are as annoying as both of them combined. The new trend is to infect in anyway possible by new means like cursors in web pages or even when you “mouse-over” some link. Not just that they have jump into MSN messenger and annoyed the hell out of many of us. “No I do not want to see your pictures” if you know what this message means, then you must have a few friends on MSN messenger that have been infected by the new virus. I recently became a ware of a virus that exploited a flaw found in new U3 enabled USB devices.

A few months back i developed a Rogue USB, exploiting the Autorun feature from these devices. It was able to get passwords from IE/Mozilla, MSN, MSN Logs, Hardware info and much more. It was merely a project for a class i was taking and the repercussions were incredible. Well now a few months later I myself found a little program on my USB exploiting this same flaw in USB devices.

It was called RavMon.exe and along with a Autorun.inf file it infected every drive on the computer including C:\ with itself and allocated a key on the registry to startup every time. Even if you were able to do a System Restore it will stay on your system. This is a nasty as hell annoyance but it is very dangerous, we are not talking about pop-ups now its a full on warfare with these pesky little programs.

If you suspect this virus infection or the MSN Re-Sender please download AVG free edition, and for more security run their Anti Rootkit checker for the ones you may have and don’t even know it yet.



The new era… No more passwords no more “Forgot your Password”. This is the new era of security on the net. I’m happy that is already using it. But what is OpenID, it is a new way of authorizing users into sites. Let’s say you wanna login to paypal, OpenID certifies to paypal as a third-party that you really are who you say you are. This eliminates the need for hundreds of passwords. Also integration with crypto-keys (portable sequence changing keychains) is available. For more info check out OpenID homepage.


This was sent to me from a friend and it caught me by surprise. Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card – This is one of (in my opinion) best devices of 2007. This is a SD card that goes into your camera and wirelessly (Wi-Fi not BT) will upload the pictures taken directly to your computer or even to Facebook and flickr. It is $99 for 2GB but it is so woth it and who know maybe it can be used for many more things that have an SD slot. So, check it out. (Yahoo review)

Technical Support

How many times have we spent the Thanksgiving day fixing an uncle’s computer or Christmas Eve getting rid of spyware at some other relatives house. Yes if you are like me you know what i mean. It’s happened but what is worst than being on the phone trying to explain someone how to install Firefox (and explaining why IE is the devil’s lovechild). Well now I’m gonna give you some of my pointers to make this situation easier. This way you can deal with the problem on your time.
Have you ever heard of Remote Desktop? If so you know where I’m going. Now almost nobody besides real technical support uses this feature of Windows, why cause it lacks robustness. There are many solutions better the one i prefer is VNC (“Virtual Network Computing“). What this does is open a windows on your desktop that looks and acts like the other person’s desktop…Wait…no it IS the other person’s desktop…Nice.

UVNC Screenshot - Viewer

This beats virtually everything, remembering all the steps while on the phone is no thrill.

My choice is UVNC and with it the silent installer this makes it very easy. Just give them the executable with all the settings already preset and voila it will install without much user interaction. Now all you need is their IP (Refer to External IP Post), tell them to run the External IP Finder and give you their address, Log on and tell them to watch while you do it. This is a time and a life saver in many instances so give it a look, you won’t regret it.

Some other alternatives: RealVNC, TightVNC, there are also Linux and MAC Distribution, for more refer to Wikipedia’s Comparison Chart.


While Google is launching their gPhone gPhoneOS people around the world are buying hundreds of cell phone jammers. This reflects on our society where we are all supposed to be equal, the person who is talking on the phone has the same right as the person who doesn’t want to hear the conversation next to them. Admittedly we would all love to have one of these devices when we go to the movies (because they are portable and affordable, also illegal) but you never know when you could be interfering with someone’s real emergency.

So i guess this is gonna be a job for the vigilantes, for the rest of us its gonna be a long and interesting road where the cellphone will so slowly change to become our own mobile personal computer (always online wherever).

How Battlestar Galactica Killed TV

How Battlestar Galactica Killed TV: “While you might assume the SciFi Channel saw a significant drop-off in viewership as a result of this piracy, it appears to have had the reverse effect: the series is so good that the few tens of thousands of people who watched downloaded versions told their friends to tune in on January 14th, and see for themselves. From its premiere, Battlestar Galactica has been the most popular program ever to air on the SciFi Channel, and its audiences have only grown throughout the first series. Piracy made it possible for ‘word-of-mouth’ to spread about Battlestar Galactica.” This is absurd I can’t believe the shutdown these sites before actually reading the reports on ratings. This serves as an example of how the internet and specially “Bittorrent” has changed the way we watch TV. Form articles calling it “The Poor’s man TiVo” to people who just wanted to watch the show later. No it does not hurt Ratings, it does not hurt advertisers in fact as we have seen with Sci-Fi Channel it increases the range of audience and creates desires for shows on TV. This are the sites down and this is the post-script of “Piracy is good” A very good piece to read.

If the show has already been showed and you won’t be able to see it again, is it such a sin to download the episode of “Desperate Housewives” you missed. If you don’t have TiVo in your area, is it “ethically illegal” to downloaded and watch it on your “Media Center” later. And if you are seeing such a decrease in ratings (which I doubt), why don’t you step it up and move forward Broadband TV or why don’t you offer an iTunes for TV. Downloadable episodes with ads, maybe less Hi-Def but there is a long list of options to study before shutting down sites and people who in fact by “word-of-mouth” are bringing new viewers to their TV’s.

The Tech-Support Generation

MSNBC – The Tech Support Generation : “Millions of young Americans will head home next week to give thanks, eat turkey … and fix their parents’ computers” … UMMM Do you feel this way because I do. This is the new generation where the kids bring their playstaions, the elderly talk about their new disease or aching pain and we are mentally prepared and armed with a USB drive filled with all the tools they’ll need to fix the uncle’s computer or grandpa’s old PENTIUM III box. Yes if you are laughing or saying that is “SO” me, then let me welcome you to the club. We don’t mind actualizing your antivirus or even getting rid of spyware, we came prepare to eat turkey and spend 3 hours on the computer. Call us whatever you want nerds, geeks but remember “who’s gonna fix your computer on X-Mas”. I know some of us would love to see our family using Linux (heck that be great, grandma-SuSe (she just loves recompiling the kernel), uncle-Ubuntu, aunt-debian and cousin-freeBSD, would that be a happy family or what?) but face it that would be a Christmas miracle. Here’s a Link to Slashdot’s user comments . Just remember not to eat the whole turkey while we install Firefox and leave some pie while we run Spybot, but most important “Thanks” would be nice.

Computer Made from DNA and Enzymes

Computer Made from DNA and Enzymes: “Israeli scientists have devised a computer that can perform 330 trillion operations per second, more than 100,000 times the speed of the fastest PC. The secret: It runs on DNA.

A year ago, researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, unveiled a programmable molecular computing machine composed of enzymes and DNA molecules instead of silicon microchips. Now the team has gone one step further. In the new device, the single DNA molecule that provides the computer with the input data also provides all the necessary fuel.”

OilComputer Yes it’s that crazy I had to post it. ~ the oilcomputer paradise: “Yes! it’s really a computer completely submerged in vegetable oil!”. I know you must be going nuts over the pictures but it is true. This guy (because of a beer induced bet) put all of his system except moving parts like DVD and HD in Vegetable Oil. Now I don’t know if i should consider this as a cooling solution or just plain old “Wacky”. Anyhow the computer has been up and running for more than a year and he even got his friend to join the “Oil Revolution” too.

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