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This is one way to never miss a sale – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

In the spirit of the holidays, and the shopping opportunities that go along with it; we have a nifty way to never miss an online sale. How about a little shopping helper that texts you when the article you have been looking for goes on sale? This should help you accumulate some brownie points with your wife at least. Using our SMS API and Topshelf we’ll build a little service to help you hunt those deals.

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An IDE for every color of the rainbow – AT&T DEVELOPER PROGRAM BLOGS

4015304179_bfebe9e5ed_zYou can certainly gain “street cred” by building your latest app in emacs or vim but many will argue that’s just crazy talk given today’s offerings. An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) can help you save time and increase your productivity but how do you pick one? Here are some of the options available for developers in all corners of the trade.

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Handling Increasing Demands – AT&T DEVELOPER PROGRAM BLOGS

It’s funny how a hundred years ago preparing dinner took hours and nowadays 60 second microwaveable meals feel like an eternity. As our attention span gets smaller and our need for information grows voraciously, we see more “real-time” and scalable frameworks show up in the web sphere. What are these frameworks and why should you care?

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#ATTHACK at Seattle

#atthack AT&T Wearables Hackathon

AT&T Wearables Hackathon

Today was a day full of lilypads, arduinos, mbeds and a whole bunch of other embedded and wearables devices at AT&T’s Wearables Hackathon. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s presentations. If you want to see the action as it happens, follow the hashtag #atthack and the Facebook group also.

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Where will you host your next HTML5 app? – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

One more reason to move to a client-side stack. I personally like AWS S3 but there are some cool options available too.

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How Seattle GiveCamp got 176 volunteers to code for charity – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

One dollar here, five dollars there, we all contribute to causes that are near and dear to our heart. But have you ever worked non-stop over a full weekend for charity? Well 176 people put their coding abilities to work and did just that. This past weekend the Seattle GiveCamp united 21 charities along with a tribe of passionate and excited developers for a hackathon and the results were amazing.

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An MMS is worth a thousand words. – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

People say an image is worth a thousand words… does the same apply to MMS? I personally think so. A long time ago I sent out a belated birthday email to a good friend and his reply was very particular, he said “thanks, but it’s no cake.” The next year, I sent out the celebratory email to this same friend (this one was on time) but I sent a picture of a cake with his name on it. He thought it was funny and memorable, consequently I continued to do the same thing with my other close friends. This year I tried to take it an extra notch up and decided to use the AT&T API Platform SDK for Microsoft® to send out the cake via MMS.

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Using RestSharp? Here is how to add ads to your website too. – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

When building a mobile (or desktop) website that consumes a RESTful backend, there are many options to consume those endpoints.  For those comfortable with C# and inclined towards open source solutions RestSharp might be a good API Client for you.  It is simple to use and has a great community behind, a good example is Github’s Phil Haack.  Here is a short sample on how to use AT&T’s Ads Api and RestSharp to monetize your website.

RestSharp being lightweight (yet robust) provides all the options you need to send and retrieve data from an API.  Let’s create am http request for an ad from our API. First make sure you have your OAuth token as we will use it in the example, refer to the Exploring an API article for some tips calling our OAuth service.

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Get a bootstrap makeover and speed up your site – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

The term responsive design was coined by Ethan Marcotte in the May 2010 article of A List Apart.  It is pretty straightforward: a website should adapt given the screen size and orientation to allow for a more readable and enjoyable experience for the users.

Fast forward to today and you will see a good set of tools and templates for developers to create websites that are responsive in nature. One of the most popular ones is Bootstrap.  Here is a list of tips and tricks to help you spruce up your designs and speed them up too.

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Rapid prototyping of mobile apps – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

Rapid Prototyping has been around for over 30 years.  It has been used in the manufacturing industry to quickly develop parts and products. In the software development industry, rapid prototyping is linked to rapid application development and refers to the practice of iteratively creating screens or visuals of increasingly better resolution that project how an application will function in the future (or end state). This is particularly useful for mobile applications where we try to include the minimal set of features that are used most of the time by customers.


Rapid prototyping is highly effective when designing visual interfaces for mobile apps; unfortunately, effective does not mean easy.  As with any iterative process, there are a series of steps to follow for each cycle.  The rapid prototyping cycle includes three fundamental steps: envisioncreate and review.



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