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The value of “good” user stories – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

Pigs & Chickens, Scrum Master, Sprints, etc., we have been hearing these terms for quite some time now. They are related to the (not so) new software development methodology called Agile based on the Agile Manifesto generated by (what was later called) the Agile Alliance.

One of the guidelines for agile software development, is the use of User Stories to depict the needs of the user from a functional perspective; and while I won’t go into details of what agile is and is not, I do want to talk about user stories and the value of them for a development team in a churn.

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Designing mobile apps for offline mode – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

For many of us, being disconnected from the web seems like an alien concept. We keep our phones in our pockets all the time and get frustrated when our flight has no Wi-Fi onboard. But for app developers, being disconnected presents additional challenges.

I recently attended DevLink and heard Aaron Powell speak about “airplane mode” and some of the ways to achieve this within mobile web apps. His talk sparked my curiosity and made me wonder how many developers are creating apps with offline mode capabilities as a feature, or “offline first” design principles as some call it.

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Exploring an API with Fiddler – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

How many of us can say we didn’t stumble for a little while when learning to ride a bike? Unless you are Travis Pastrana, you probably know what I mean. When it comes to new APIs sometimes we need training wheels too. A good set of training wheels to start getting your feet wet is a “web debugging proxy” or a REST Client.

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