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My Woot Off Bag of Crap IFTTT Recipe Keeps Trending Up!

Get an Alert when Woot publishes a Bag of Crap

Get an Alert when Woot publishes a Bag of Crap

I recently wrote an article for the AT&T Developer Program that included a way to get SMS alerts using the AT&T API and the Woot Sale RSS. Using this as inspiration I created an IFTTT Recipe to do the same and share with the world. To my surprise it gained popularity and made it to the trending recipes. Try it out and share it if you can also 😉

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Muscle Twitch Switch — Genetic finding could mean “gain without pain”

Science & Technology at Scientific Muscle Twitch Switch — Genetic finding could mean gain without pain: “In the battle against flab, who wouldn’t love an ‘exercise’ pill? Such a quick fix might someday possible: biomedical researchers have found a way to rev up the metabolic machinery and thereby keep excess weight off–using genetics instead of the gym.”

“Ok what should I do this morning… Do I take the sit-ups pill or the jogging pill today”. Like MS used to say “Where would you like to go today?”

Do we really need a pill to do the exercise we should be doing? This is either Marvelous or Depressing you read and decide, but IMHO this makes Richard Simmons and many Nutritionists cry.

What will happen to Us? EPIC 2015 The Future

EPIC 2015 This is an amazingly put and maybe not so far from reality story. I strongly belief that Google will be the next “Microsoft” maybe not in OS’es area (even when a “GoogleOS” would be nice) but in every other aspect of our lives. No I’m not exaggerating, a few years back B. Gates said on a conference that “the future would be that the user didn’t have to go to the news but that the news went to the user via every appliance possible” (no we don’t have the New York Times on our fridges but close), nowadays this idea is a reality. The news, other media and every other piece of knowledge gets to the user via iPhones, PDA’s, RSS, Blogs, IM, etc. And what would happen if everything consolidated into a massive universal source? This is what this video presents. Interesting now… Maybe priceless on the future.

The Tech-Support Generation

MSNBC – The Tech Support Generation : “Millions of young Americans will head home next week to give thanks, eat turkey … and fix their parents’ computers” … UMMM Do you feel this way because I do. This is the new generation where the kids bring their playstaions, the elderly talk about their new disease or aching pain and we are mentally prepared and armed with a USB drive filled with all the tools they’ll need to fix the uncle’s computer or grandpa’s old PENTIUM III box. Yes if you are laughing or saying that is “SO” me, then let me welcome you to the club. We don’t mind actualizing your antivirus or even getting rid of spyware, we came prepare to eat turkey and spend 3 hours on the computer. Call us whatever you want nerds, geeks but remember “who’s gonna fix your computer on X-Mas”. I know some of us would love to see our family using Linux (heck that be great, grandma-SuSe (she just loves recompiling the kernel), uncle-Ubuntu, aunt-debian and cousin-freeBSD, would that be a happy family or what?) but face it that would be a Christmas miracle. Here’s a Link to Slashdot’s user comments . Just remember not to eat the whole turkey while we install Firefox and leave some pie while we run Spybot, but most important “Thanks” would be nice.

Students create plant that glows when thirsty

Students create plant that glows when thirsty | “Some people like to talk to their plants. Now, students at Singapore Polytechnic say they have created a plant that can communicate with people — by glowing when it needs water.” Now this is Very Cool…this will solve my dilemma of several dead cactuses…

OilComputer Yes it’s that crazy I had to post it. ~ the oilcomputer paradise: “Yes! it’s really a computer completely submerged in vegetable oil!”. I know you must be going nuts over the pictures but it is true. This guy (because of a beer induced bet) put all of his system except moving parts like DVD and HD in Vegetable Oil. Now I don’t know if i should consider this as a cooling solution or just plain old “Wacky”. Anyhow the computer has been up and running for more than a year and he even got his friend to join the “Oil Revolution” too.

First BloG

Hello World!!!

Since im studying CO-EG this should be my first Post… (If you ever read a Programming book you’ll understand)

Yes I know im a nerd, but I just love Programming.

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