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When you need more than one Unique ID {NEWID(), NEWSEQUENTIALID()}

Reading up on SQL Server Central article (Randomizing Result Sets with NEWID) on how to implement real Random sets I considered writing about the importance of GUID‘s and their most common implementation.

We typically use integer numbers as primary keys in most of tables but when non persistent data (or session data) is manipulated using a GUID becomes a necessity. We do know there is a slight chance that a GUID could be repeated but it is so low the benefits of using it make this depreciable. commonly we use NEWID() as the default value on a uniqueidentifier column but the benefits in querying and overall readability make NEWSEQUENTIALID() a better suit in this case.

As an example imagine a web application that collects user data but does not store it in your tables until user creates a login or account. We can handle most of this information on a separate table and XML drafts and link the two with these unique GUIDs.

So go ahead and give them a try it will sure come in handy some day.

WordPress iPhone App

I can’t believe I had not seen the “Genius” feature on the app store until now. But I did and I am glad because I just downloaded the WordPress app from it. I hope this little app performs as published and for it to be a new way to reconnect in my blogging days.

So if you can read this then… Success.

Visio Replacements (Web Based)

Today I needed to make a flowchart but had a computer with no Microsoft Visio on it, well what to do then? A quick search on Google landed me these two sites.

First one is Project Draw, a nice utility free but not so easy to use…

Next one is Gliffy, this one has a free trial for 30 days (just put an email and that’s it), it features an easier interface.

Try them both and see for yourself if these web based tools work for you. 😉

Twitter, iPhones, iPods and everything mobile.

I have to admit that i have moved myself from a blogging world to one in Twitter. I post in both English and Spanish and I have incredibly met a ton of friends that have become a part of my life (thanks to Tweet-ups). Therefore I thought that a little talk about moving blogs and content to these mobile platforms is crucial. From installing WPtouch in wordpress to make the site less loaded for mobile browsers to including tweetbacks and ways of spreading your readers comments to other sites.

Also as designers there has to be a stop to using heavy content on sites, Flash is ok in certain places but a whole site made on flash is sort of unproductive. Do you really want to cut all those users without flash from your site, besides with the many beautiful things that you can do with CSS why bother?

That is just a quick thought of mine… I’ll try not to fade away with all my work.


If you can’t tell it spells Inbox in reverse. Now that where all the similarities to what you are accustomed as an inbox end. It makes finding attachments really easy and you’ll waste a lot of time with all the stats it gives. For all you MS Outlook users, Check it out.



I know it’s been a while since i posted but I haven’t had the time for almost anything. But here a new site that’s great for video blogs or anything. It captures the video from the page (by just giving Flash access to your Mic and Camera). Check it out if you can its great for making videos on the fly. Seesmic

What is a Dropbox?

Well in summary a drop box is a gift sent from heaven (meaning the Internet). I’m talking about a new website that serves many purposes. It is a file repository, you can upload files (documents, photos, anything) via email, web, even fax. The most awesome feature is that you can actually send a document as a fax to a phone number from the drop box. You can receive faxes also and managing it is a breeze. You can set a user password (besides the admin’s one) for privacy and user can add, edit, delete content (you choose what they can do). I personally use it for keeping my resume at hand and being able to fax it anywhere is a PLUS. Try it out and you’ll see what i mean.

Greatest Secretary Ever!

I have recently stumbled upon a little website with a big heart. Its the greatest thing since dictating to a secretary; it is called Jott and incredibly it is free. I had looked for something like this before but was never satisfied. Now what it is you say… It is basically a phone number you call (after activating and registering), say to whom or what and just write…I mean talk. Yes dictate your note, reminder, to-do list or tell the guys at work that the meeting has been changed. The magical thing is that if you created a group with their emails and/or cellphone numbers the message will be transcribed and emailed to them. It is almost infinite the number of things you can use this for and amazingly it does it’s job very well. Trust me try it out you’ll love it.

Manage your money

Ages ago people usually bought applications like MS Money to manage their accounts but since MS Money 2007 I pretty much lost interest on these types of applications. “But wait!”… Now there are many online options to choose from. “OMG are you kidding me?, Financial information on the Web?” Yes I know most people do not trust the web for this sort of task but there is a new option. Wesabe, this website helps you manage your $$$ easily and trust me i wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t secure.

The New Era of… SpyRuses

Yes I’m officially calling them Spyuses. Its a mix between spyware and viruses, so it’s a spyrus. They are as annoying as both of them combined. The new trend is to infect in anyway possible by new means like cursors in web pages or even when you “mouse-over” some link. Not just that they have jump into MSN messenger and annoyed the hell out of many of us. “No I do not want to see your pictures” if you know what this message means, then you must have a few friends on MSN messenger that have been infected by the new virus. I recently became a ware of a virus that exploited a flaw found in new U3 enabled USB devices.

A few months back i developed a Rogue USB, exploiting the Autorun feature from these devices. It was able to get passwords from IE/Mozilla, MSN, MSN Logs, Hardware info and much more. It was merely a project for a class i was taking and the repercussions were incredible. Well now a few months later I myself found a little program on my USB exploiting this same flaw in USB devices.

It was called RavMon.exe and along with a Autorun.inf file it infected every drive on the computer including C:\ with itself and allocated a key on the registry to startup every time. Even if you were able to do a System Restore it will stay on your system. This is a nasty as hell annoyance but it is very dangerous, we are not talking about pop-ups now its a full on warfare with these pesky little programs.

If you suspect this virus infection or the MSN Re-Sender please download AVG free edition, and for more security run their Anti Rootkit checker for the ones you may have and don’t even know it yet.

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