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WordPress + Windows Live Writer 2011

I am glad to hear that Windows Live Spaces will now use WordPress as their default blogging platform. For those (rare individuals) who use Live Spaces a tool will be offered to move your content to WordPress.

And along the same lines comes the announcement that Windows Live Writer (which I love!) will also default to WordPress.

Tip: Check out some cool WordPress plugins for Windows Live Writer here.

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How to Upgrade WordPress Automatically with GoDaddy Hosting

If you are like me you hate having to download the latest WordPress Install and FTP’ing it to your server to update it. A simple solution is to give your WordPress folder write permissions. Note: this is a security risk but done quickly at off hours it will save you some troubles. If you have your site hosted in GoDaddy launch the the Hosting Control Center and navigate to the File Manager. Now click on your WordPress folder (it might be root or different depending on your install). Click the Permissions icon at the top next.

Setting up folder permissions

Setting up folder permissions

After that you will see a small panel open up. Select the Write checkbox and click OK.

Applying write permissions

Applying write permissions

Now go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the Upgrade link; here click on the Upgrade Automatically button. You should see the install details with a successful confirmation on the page.

And there is nothing more to it. The same process can be applied to inner folders for themes, plugins and file uploads issues. This is one of the downsides of having a higher security setting on the shared servers.

Try it out and have fun 🙂

Note: Thanks to Kofla Olivieri for confirming the same process works for TypePad too.
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