The New Era of… SpyRuses

Yes I’m officially calling them Spyuses. Its a mix between spyware and viruses, so it’s a spyrus. They are as annoying as both of them combined. The new trend is to infect in anyway possible by new means like cursors in web pages or even when you “mouse-over” some link. Not just that they have jump into MSN messenger and annoyed the hell out of many of us. “No I do not want to see your pictures” if you know what this message means, then you must have a few friends on MSN messenger that have been infected by the new virus. I recently became a ware of a virus that exploited a flaw found in new U3 enabled USB devices.

A few months back i developed a Rogue USB, exploiting the Autorun feature from these devices. It was able to get passwords from IE/Mozilla, MSN, MSN Logs, Hardware info and much more. It was merely a project for a class i was taking and the repercussions were incredible. Well now a few months later I myself found a little program on my USB exploiting this same flaw in USB devices.

It was called RavMon.exe and along with a Autorun.inf file it infected every drive on the computer including C:\ with itself and allocated a key on the registry to startup every time. Even if you were able to do a System Restore it will stay on your system. This is a nasty as hell annoyance but it is very dangerous, we are not talking about pop-ups now its a full on warfare with these pesky little programs.

If you suspect this virus infection or the MSN Re-Sender please download AVG free edition, and for more security run their Anti Rootkit checker for the ones you may have and don’t even know it yet.


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