My experience at Seattle CodeCamp 2015

Last week I had the chance to speak at the Seattle CodeCamp 2015. It truly gets better each year; the quality of speakers and the support from the community. For those interested, I gave two talks, one I had done previously and a new one.

Talk 1: Introduction to Jenkins

Honestly, the first talk had a rocky start, my fault for not noticing that my demo laptop had HDMI instead of VGA. After that we were able to dig into Continuous Integration  and how Jenkins plays a key role on distributed development teams. The key takeaway for the group was to use nodes (slaves) to distribute workloads and also to be able to test in different operating systems/browsers, etc.

Talk 2: Slack for mere mortals

This was the first time I talked about Slack and my personal experience within small and large groups. Being in the DevOps track the bulk of the questions and examples were geared towards ChatOps and the concept of bringing work to the conversations you are already having.

I am very impressed by the organizing team and the large number of volunteers, they totally made this event seamless for speakers and attendees. Thanks.

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