The Tech-Support Generation

MSNBC – The Tech Support Generation : “Millions of young Americans will head home next week to give thanks, eat turkey … and fix their parents’ computers” … UMMM Do you feel this way because I do. This is the new generation where the kids bring their playstaions, the elderly talk about their new disease or aching pain and we are mentally prepared and armed with a USB drive filled with all the tools they’ll need to fix the uncle’s computer or grandpa’s old PENTIUM III box. Yes if you are laughing or saying that is “SO” me, then let me welcome you to the club. We don’t mind actualizing your antivirus or even getting rid of spyware, we came prepare to eat turkey and spend 3 hours on the computer. Call us whatever you want nerds, geeks but remember “who’s gonna fix your computer on X-Mas”. I know some of us would love to see our family using Linux (heck that be great, grandma-SuSe (she just loves recompiling the kernel), uncle-Ubuntu, aunt-debian and cousin-freeBSD, would that be a happy family or what?) but face it that would be a Christmas miracle. Here’s a Link to Slashdot’s user comments . Just remember not to eat the whole turkey while we install Firefox and leave some pie while we run Spybot, but most important “Thanks” would be nice.

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