What will happen to Us? EPIC 2015 The Future

EPIC 2015 This is an amazingly put and maybe not so far from reality story. I strongly belief that Google will be the next “Microsoft” maybe not in OS’es area (even when a “GoogleOS” would be nice) but in every other aspect of our lives. No I’m not exaggerating, a few years back B. Gates said on a conference that “the future would be that the user didn’t have to go to the news but that the news went to the user via every appliance possible” (no we don’t have the New York Times on our fridges but close), nowadays this idea is a reality. The news, other media and every other piece of knowledge gets to the user via iPhones, PDA’s, RSS, Blogs, IM, etc. And what would happen if everything consolidated into a massive universal source? This is what this video presents. Interesting now… Maybe priceless on the future.

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