Using RestSharp? Here is how to add ads to your website too. – AT&T Developer Program Blogs

When building a mobile (or desktop) website that consumes a RESTful backend, there are many options to consume those endpoints.  For those comfortable with C# and inclined towards open source solutions RestSharp might be a good API Client for you.  It is simple to use and has a great community behind, a good example is Github’s Phil Haack.  Here is a short sample on how to use AT&T’s Ads Api and RestSharp to monetize your website.

RestSharp being lightweight (yet robust) provides all the options you need to send and retrieve data from an API.  Let’s create am http request for an ad from our API. First make sure you have your OAuth token as we will use it in the example, refer to the Exploring an API article for some tips calling our OAuth service.

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